Twitter to let users add stickers to their Fleets

Twitter to let users add stickers to their Fleets

Twitter will allow users to add stickers to their Fleets, it has announced.

“Your Fleets just got an upgrade. Now you can express yourself in the conversation with stickers. Add GIFs and Twemojis to a Fleet by tapping the [smiley face] icon, on Android and iOS,” Twitter wrote from its official Twitter Support account.

Fleets are the platform’s ephemeral tweets that are meant to disappear from a profile after 24 hours. Fleets are similar to Stories on Instagram or Snapchat.

Users can now add animated stickers and emojis made by Twitter or search for a GIF. They can then upload a GIF sourced from Tenor and Facebook-owned Giphy (via The Verge).

The microblogging platform had launched its Fleets feature for users last year. Most recently, it enabled users on Android and iOS to turn off replies and reactions on their Fleets via direct messages.

“Hold up, before you post that Fleet…you can now turn off the option for people to send emoji reactions and text replies to your Fleet via DM. On Android (and iOS soon), tap the arrow next to the “Fleet” button, then tap the switch to turn off “Allow Direct Messages”,” Twitter had tweeted from its official Support account.

The social media major later last month had then expanded the test to iOS.

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